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WordPress – Content Management System

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL that first appeared in 2003. Thanks to WordPress you can now manage your own website without any code knowledge. It is the most powerful blogging system that allows you to manage it easily.Although it is much easier to add, remove and edit existing content on your website, building one can still be complicated.

WordPress is good and easy for personal blogs and news sites. The ready templates are fairly easy to use when you only need to publish what you want to say.What does open source mean? WordPress is an open source which means it is open to users to take it and us it for free. The best part is its enormous database and the license which allows to modify it according to the user’s need. It doesn’t end there. WordPress constantly improves and fixes the bugs according to the user feedback and experiences. They keep updating on a regular basis and keeps patching up the security issue in its update. The minor ones automatically updates your website. However when it is a major update you will need to do it manually.


WordPress is an SEO friendly platform. It allows you to do necessary changes on the page URLs, page titles, meta tags and the content. There are number of plugins which would be very helpful since they also report what you do right and wrong.The security can be an issue when it comes to WordPress. Why? Because the plugins (small software that we add to the WordPress) publish updates once in a while. You need to keep these plugins updated in order to keep your website safe. Updating the plugins may also be another hassle. The updated versions may cause issues with each other or with the theme. So you need an expert to take care of your site although you can do some content changes yourself.Although WordPress is not for all but it still is an amazing platform and it covers a lot.