Web Maintenance & Support Service in Phuket

Web maintenance is crucial! If new business owners learn one thing quickly, it’s that websites are never “finished”. Just like our cars, our houses, and even our bodies; our web platforms need ongoing maintenance.

We work hard to ensure we’re doing all the necessary updating and fixing needed to ensure your site is functioning as good as I can be. And just as you can’t have any home, automobile, health catastrophes, we monitor your site and respond immediately to any major issues.

website maintanance

Problems occur, then we find answers

Fast and Efficient

Your website needs a helping hand just like everything else in life. Otherwise, things stop working. We can take care of your website, do any content changes you need and secure it from any kind of possible attack.


You might want to add some new features to your website such as live-chat, an image carousel, customized forms, portfolio, testimonials, pop up promotion banners etc. We will be happy to help you with adding these little features for you. All you have to do is ask.


All the plugins must be up to date in order to avoid security breaches and getting attacked. These updates could easily break your website, so they should be done properly. Therefore certain procedures must be followed—which we do for you.


Tweaking content and changing content needs to happen more often you might think—sometimes every day. It requires web maintenance service. We respond to change requests quickly, where you need it and when you need it.


From SSL certificates and updates, to cleaning and scanning, your website is secure with Phuketians. It will be protected from outside attacks and will also keep regular backups for easy restore.