How to Use PrestaShop

Prestashop is an open source e-commerce platform. It is free and it gives an option to host your website in the cloud unless you already have a hosting account.. PrestaShop is easy to install and you would start building your online store within minutes. Flexible features and options will make your life easier.

Why would you choose PrestaShop?

  • Well first of all, it is free.
  • Lots of support information online, such as tutorials, forums, faqs etc.
  • You can build your store from scratch quite easily.
  • Managing product listings, single products their attributes, payments, shipping, package sizes, inventories, coupons, discounts, taxes and so much more.
  • Features and functions can be improved with add-on modules.
  • Add-on modules are mostly for sale but you can only buy the ones you need and they are not too expensive.
  • All store elements are customizable so you can add your own content and products and make the stores your own.

Main Features of PrestaShop

  • Easy Installation
  • Provides designer guides
  • Powerful Store Builder Feature
  • So many customizable e-commerce themes
  • Mobile friendly
  • Creative  and User Friendly Interface
  • Ecommerce Analytics
  • Ecommerce SEO Options
  • Easy integrations
  • Variety of payment gateways
  • Customized shipping configurations
  • Configurable Tax Rules
  • Easy customer checkout